No leisurely hike would be the same without stopping to look at a beautiful view and putting up a hammock for a well-deserved break. Hammocks are the perfect resting gear to bring with you on any hike—they take up less real estate than folding chairs and are significantly lighters. Not to mention, they are much more fun to lay in while you are enjoying your beautiful surroundings.

However, not all hammocks are built the same. Finding an affordable, portable, and well-made hammock is important for enjoyable use during camping and on the hiking trail. We have compiled the top 5 highest rated hammocks for your next hike, below.

1. Portable Parachute Nylon Fabric Travel Camping Hammock



Available in 2 different sizes and fifteen incredible colors, this portable parachute hammock by OuterEQ is made of a strong and durable nylon fabric and is made for use during outdoor traveling, camping, and hiking.

This highly-rated hammock is a highly portable, parachute-style nylon fabric with a stand weight that is perfect for just about anyone of any weight. Depending on the size you purchase and your own individual weight, you can even fit two!

The 2 sizes and standing weights are as follows:

  • 275cm x 140cm (108 inches x 55 inches) / Standing Weight: 150 kg (333 lbs)
  • 295cm x 198cm (116 inches x 78 inches) / Standing Weight: 180 kg (397 lbs)

For convenience, this hammock contains its own small carrying pack that is small and portable—easy to place in your hiking pack or attach to one of your cord straps.


The nylon makes it easy to clean and dry quickly after the hammock has been wet. This makes the OuterEQ portable parachute one of the favorites of hikers and campers everywhere.

As for color schemes, you are guaranteed to find one that suits you. This hammock comes in the following fifteen colors: Grey/Orange; Blue/Grey; Grey/Light Blue; Brown/Purple; Army/Olive; Black/Orange; Blue/Black; Brown/Olive; Light Blue/Blue; Olive/Black; Purple/Army; Orange/Green; Yellow/Green; Grey/Yellow; and Blue/Orange.

The OuterEQ parachute hammock is also very affordable. You can purchase the 275cm x 140cm size for only $15.99 and the 295 cm x 198cm size for only $35.15, on



2. Vivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand, Tropical



The Double Hammock by Vivere is an excellent hammock for two, and includes a space-saving steel stand for easy setup. With an included carrying case, you can store this 100% cotton hammock and 9 foot stand with ease.

The space-saving stand is constructed of heavy duty steel for excellent durability and stability, and it can be assembled in just minutes without any tools. This convenience makes it perfect to bring this doubles hammock outdoors for camping or lounging.

The hammock bed itself is 63 x 94 inches, with a length of 130 inches and a capacity of 450 pounds. This is more than large enough to comfortably accommodate two adults.


This highly-rated double hammock by Vivere is extremely popular and contains excellent reviews by users who have purchased it.

The following colors are available for this model: Tropical with Charcoal Frame; Techno with Charcoal Frame; Sand with Oil Rubbed Bronze Frame; Salsa with Charcoal Frame; Rio Night with Charcoal Frame; Paraiso with Oil Rubbed Bronze Frame; Oasis with Oil Rubbed Bronze Frame; Limelight with Charcoal Frame; Desert Moon with Charcoal Frame; Denim with Charcoal Frame; Ciao with Charcoal Frame; and Carousel Confetti with Charcoal Frame.

You can purchase the Vivere Double Hammock with the Space-Saving Steel Stand for only $129.97 on This saves you nearly 20% off of the list price!



3. Himal Outdoor Travel Camping Multifunctional Hammocks



The Himal Outdoor Travel Hammock is the perfect choice for cost-conscious travelers who want a durable and easy-to-carry hammock. Made by Himal, this popular hammock contains a lifetime warranty that guarantees perfection and durability.

The hammock itself is very light weight and uses a high fiber breathable 210T nylon fabric of 500-pound capacity. Soft to the touch and with beautiful diversified color, this is hammock is as attractive as it is portable and cost-effective.

The strength of this lightweight hammock is impressive. Using a braided nylon rope that is recognized by UIAA uses an extended diameter of 0.31 inches and has a strengthened inner core. Incredibly, this braided nylon rope can hold up to 1,100 pounds.

The hanging carabiners are made from galvanized stainless steel with a widened diameter of 0.31 inches. This is a very important part of a hammock, as these hooks hold the weight of each end of it. These carabiners are the strongest on the market and are able to bear 880 pounds.

This Himal hammock is lightweight, strong, and carries its own storage pack, which offers an extremely diverse usability. This multifunctional hammock is perfect for hiking, camping, back-yarding, beach-going, relaxing in your back yard, and is even a great alternative to a tent, sleeping pad, ground mat, swing, and even a yoga mat. The reason this hammock is so diverse is due to the incredible strength of all of its parts, from the hammock itself, the carabiners, and high-tensile braided nylon rope. Made of nylon, this hammock is waterproof and dries quickly. The thickness of the material also means it is durable and tough. You can truly use this material for any purpose you can think of.

The best part is it will not break the bank. You can buy this excellent outdoor multifunctional hammock by Himal for $24.99 on Amazon. At 38 percent off of the list price, this highly-rated and extremely popular hammock is a steal.

You can purchase this standard size hammock in a variety of colors, including: Deep Green/Light Green; Army Green/Brown; Army Green/Purple; and Deep Blue/Light Blue. You can also purchase professional straps in Army Green and Black if needed for only $19.99.



4. Compact, durable, single-person parachute nylon camping hammock by Tribe Provisions



This strong, single-person parachute nylon hammock by Tribe Provisions is an incredibly compact hammock that was created for hiking and camping.

This popular model by Tribe Provisions contains a strong 210T ripstop nylon that holds up to 400 pounds—perfect for any hiker of nearly any size. This durable parachute nylon strongly resists mildew, will not stretch, and can be easily cleaned. The Steel, spring-gate carabiners are extremely strong and will hold up against immense weight.

Two 10-foot polypropylene lashing paracord cables (cordage) are also featured so you can hang your hammock up right out of the bag.

The compact compression pack easily stows away the hammock without taking up much space, only slighter larger than a softball, and includes attachments to the hammock so that you never lose the bag. When stowed away, the Tribe Provisions logo glows in the dark, so you can always find and keep an eye on your hammock.

If there is an unexpected rain, you can easily hang this hammock much quicker than a tent, and it is much more comfortable than a comping cot.

The ultralight construction weighs only 21.5 ounces, and most of that weight is made up of the steel, spring-gate carabiners.

You can purchase the Tribal Provisions on Amazon for only $24.95 (that’s 50% off of retail price!), in a variety of 3 different colors: Orange, Green, and Blue.



5. Yes4All Double and Single Hammocks – Ultralight Portable Nylon Parachute Hammock



Yes4All’s variety of single and double hammocks are an excellent choice for anyone who hikes, camps, and likes to lounge around. With 36 size and color combinations to choose from, there are a plethora of options that will absolutely fulfil the needs and wants of anyone.

This hammock has extra space that other hammocks do not always have. Measuring in at 260cm wide (102 inches) and 200cm long (78 inches), this hammock can fit 2 adults very comfortably.

The nylon material is very soft, breathable, and mildew-resistant and is extremely easy to clean and dry quickly. While soft and breathable, this nylon is much stronger than you would think. This is high quality material that will remain durable and last for years to come. It can hold up to 450 pounds with ease, which is great for any single or double usage.

Yes4All includes a free stuff bag that is attached to the hammock so that it is never lost. This hammock is one of the best for hiking as it is easily stowed away and weighs only 18 ounces for exceptionally easy travel.

Note that the necessary tree strap(s) are not included with every color option in this listing, so it must be bought separately—make sure you check the product description before buying to make sure if it is included or not first.

If the straps are not included, frequently purchased straps for these models is the 7800 Hammock Tree Hanging Straps by Algoma, which costs only $15.99 on Amazon. For your convenience, the link is included here:


To purchase the double or single hammock of your choice from Amazon, simply visit the link below.


There are an extraordinary variety of color and size options to choose from, which range in price from $15.49 to $23.99. No matter which one you buy, your satisfaction is guaranteed and your costs are guaranteed to remain low.

Enjoy your next hiking or camping adventure with the perfect low-cost hammock to enjoy the scenery and relax after a day of hard work.


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